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The College of Education offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs through our three academic departments. 

Undergraduate Programs

The College of Education currently offers eight undergraduate major fields of study in education, kinesiology, and psychology. Seven of these degrees are Bachelor of Science degrees, and one is a Bachelor of Arts degree. The College of Education does not award associate degrees. Students must meet all the minimum guidelines established for undergraduate admission by Louisiana Tech University. For more information, visit the Louisiana Tech University Admissions Office.

Some undergraduate programs may contain concentrations or require a minor field of study. You should consult the guidelines of your chosen program to determine which of these may be required. 


A minor is a secondary field of study selected by undergraduate students. Minors from the College of Education are open to any enrolled undergraduate student at Louisiana Tech University, provided they are chosen in consultation with your major advisor. The College of Education currently offers four academic minors.

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs are sought by individuals looking to carry their formal education beyond the undergraduate level. The College of Education offers nine graduate-level fields of study: three in education (two M.Ed. and one Ed.D.), kinesiology (two M.S.), or psychology (two M.A. and two Ph.D.). Applicants to graduate programs must meet all the minimum guidelines established for graduate admission by the Louisiana Tech University Graduate School as well as further requirements of the College of Education Office of Graduate Studies and any requirements of the specific degree program.

Alternative Certification

The Alternative Certification program at Louisiana Tech University offers a non-traditional pathway to teacher certification with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. This program is designed for persons who already have obtained a bachelors degree in a non-teaching area of study, but who would like to teach in a PK-12 school.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are intended for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree and are looking to enhance their knowledge or learn about a new field, but are not interested in pursuing a graduate degree. The College of Education offers 13 certificate programs - 12 in education and one in psychology.