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B.S., Early Childhood Education

Program Overview

Did you know that the earliest years in a child's life are some of the most crucial for their development? As a teacher in grades K-3, you will contribute greatly to the development and education of young children who will grow into the future teachers, doctors, scientists, and leaders of our nation and world. 

Consisting of a rigorous, 126 credit-hour curriculum, the Early Childhood Education degree at Louisiana Tech, will prepare you for the challenges of teaching young children in grades K-3. 

As a career, Early Childhood Education is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow at or above the national average.


The B.S. in Early Childhood Education is a 126 credit-hour degree that includes 39 hours of general education coursework, 33 hours in early childhood teaching, 15 hours in knowledge of the learner and learning environment, 15 hours in methodology and teaching, and 24 hours of additional coursework. 

General Education Coursework (GER)

BISC 101 - Fundamentals of Biology I 3 hrs
BISC 102 - Fundamentals of Biology II 3 hrs
ENGL 101 - Freshman Composition I 3 hrs
ENGL 102 - Freshman Composition II 3 hrs
ENGL 210 - Introduction to British Literature, Beginnings to Romantic Era
   or ENGL 211 - Introduction to British Literature, Romantic Era to Present
   or ENGL 212 - Introduction to American Literature
3 hrs
ENGL 332 - Advanced Grammar
   or ENGL 336 - Advanced Composition
3 hrs
GEOG 205 - Cultural Geography 3 hrs
GEOL 111 - Physical Geology 3 hrs
GEOL 112 - Historical Geology 3 hrs
HIST 201 - History of the United States, 1492-1877 3 hrs
LBAR 336 - Integrated Music and Art Appreciation 3 hrs
MATH 101 - College Algebra  3 hrs
MATH 112 - Trigonometry
   or MATH 125 - Algebra for Management and Social Science
   or STAT 200 - Basic Statistics
3 hrs
MATH 203 - Introduction to Number Structure 3 hrs
Total GER Coursework 39 hrs

Primary Teaching Focus Area

EDCI 417 - Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties 3 hrs
EDCI 420M - Practica in Education 3 hrs
EDCI 421 - Materials and Methods for Early Childhood/Elementary Grades Mathematics 3 hrs
EDCI 423 - Materials and Methods for Elementary/Middle Language Arts 3 hrs
EDCI 424 - Materials and Methods for Elementary/Middle Reading 3 hrs
EDCI 431 - Literacy Development through Word Study for all Learners 3 hrs
EDCI 441 - Methods of Teaching Kindergarten Children 3 hrs
FCS 301 - Early Childhood Development 3 hrs
FCS 331 - Infant Development 3 hrs
FCS 361 - Techniques for Observing and Assessing Young Children 3 hrs
MATH 204 - Conceptual Geometry and Quantitative Analysis 3 hrs
Total Cognate Coursework 33 hrs

Knowledge of the Learner and Learning Environment

EDCI 400 - Human Exceptionalities 3 hrs
EDCI 434 - Diverse Learners 3 hrs
EDCI 442 - Early Childhood Curriculum Organization and Framework 3 hrs
EDCI 471 - Classroom Management 3 hrs
PSYC 207 - Learning and Development 3 hrs
Total Cognate Coursework 15 hrs

Methodology and Teaching

EDCI 416 - Student Teaching (PK) 3 hrs
EDCI 416 - Student Teaching (K-1) 3 hrs
EDCI 416 - Student Teaching (2-3) 3 hrs
EDCI 420R - Practica in Education (Reading) 3 hrs
EDCI 420S/S - Practica in Education (Social Studies) 3 hrs
Total Cognate Coursework 15 hrs

Additional Hours

EDCI 125 - Introduction to Teaching 3 hrs
EDCI 210 - Instructional Technology 3 hrs
EDCI 425 - Materials and Methods for Elementary/Middle Science 3 hrs
EDCI 426 - Materials and Methods for Elementary/Middle Social Studies 3 hrs
KINE 440 - Materials and Methods in Health and Physical Education in Elementary Schools 3 hrs
LSCI 201 - Books and Materials for the Elementary School 3 hrs
POLS 201 - National Government in the United States 3 hrs
COMM 110 - Principles of Speech
   or COMM 377 - Professional Speaking
3 hrs
Total Cognate Coursework 24 hrs

Program Summary

General Education Coursework 39 hrs
Content Area Coursework 33 hrs
Knowledge of the Learner and Learning Environment 15 hrs
Methodology and Teaching 15 hrs
Additional Hours 24 hrs
Total Program Coursework 126 hrs


Admission To Teacher Education Programs

Successful completion of this degree requires admission to a Teacher Education Program. Enrollment in the college is not admission to a teacher education program, nor is this an automatic process. Please see the corresponding page Admission to Teacher Education Programs for more information.


Please note that this page is supplied for informational purposes only. Due to curriculum changes over time, the information supplied here may not match your actual curriculum. Please consult your University catalog and official plan of study for information on your actual curriculum. For any questions related to your curriculum or plan of study, please contact your academic advisor.