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B.A., Psychology

Program Overview

The B.A. in Psychology is a flexible degree program, chosen by many students to provide a strong background in liberal arts, social sciences, and research. Many students in the program go on to pursue a graduate degree in an area of psychology (clinical, counseling, industrial, experimental, or some other area). Others may seek an advanced graduate or professional degree in another field (law, medicine, dentistry, optometry, social work, business, or other fields).

Consisting of a rigorous, 120 credit-hour curriculum, one thing is certain about the B.A. in Psychology at Louisiana Tech: regardless as to whether you choose to pursue post-graduate education or join the workforce, you will be prepared with the necessary skills to find success in graduate classrooms or in the workplace. 

Curriculum (effective Fall 2016)

The B.A. in Psychology is a 120 credit-hour degree that includes 46 hours of general education coursework, 42 hours in primary content area instruction, and an additional 32 hours of elective coursework. It is generally recommended that students pursue electives that will contribute to a minor in a subject area of their choice. 

General Education Requirements (GER)

ART 290 - Art Appreciation

   or MUGN 290 - Music Appreciation

   or SPTH 290 - Theater Appreciation

   or KINE 280 - Dance Appreciation

3 hrs
BISC 130 - Biological Principles 3 hrs
BISC 131 - Biological Principles Laboratory 1 hrs
BISC 200 - Principles of Genetics 3 hrs
ENGL 101 - Freshman Composition I 3 hrs
ENGL 102 - Freshman Composition II 3 hrs

ENGL 210 - Introduction to British Literature, Beginnings to Romantic Era

   or ENGL 211 - Introduction to British Literature, Romantic Era to Present

   or ENGL 212 - Introduction to American Literature

3 hrs
ENGL 303 - Technical Writing 3 hrs

ENGL 336 - Advanced Composition

   or ENGL 460 - Advanced Technical Writing

   or ENGL 461 - Technical Writing for Publication

   or ENGL 464 - Occupational Technical Writing

3 hrs
HIST 102 - World History since 1500 (International Education Requirement; IER) 3 hrs

MATH 100 - College Algebra

   or MATH 101 - College Algebra

3 hrs

MATH 112 - Trigonometry

   or MATH 125 - Algebra for Management and Social Sciences

   or MATH 220 - Applied Calculus

   or MATH 222- Calculus for Business Administration and Economics

   or MATH 223 - Applied Calculus for Electrical Technology

   or MATH 240 - Mathematics for Engineering and Science I

   or MATH 241 - Calculus I

3 hrs

COMM 101 - Principles of Communication Studies

3 hrs
SOC 201 - Introduction to Sociology 3 hrs
Physical Science Elective (Chemistry, Physics, Geology) 3 hrs
Social Science Elective (Sociology, Economics, Political Science) 3 hrs
Total General Education Requirements (GER) 46 hrs

Psychology Requirements

PSYC 102 - General Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC 202 - Advanced General Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC 300 - Elementary Statistical Methods in the Social Sciences 3 hrs
PSYC 301 - Fields of Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC 302 - Physiological Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC 304 - Social Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC 308 - Human Growth and Development 3 hrs
PSYC 310 - Psychology of Personality 3 hrs
PSYC 315 - Research Design and Statistics I 3 hrs 
PSYC 320 - Learning and Cognition 3 hrs
PSYC 321 - Psychological Testing
3 hrs

PSYC 414 - Dynamics of Adjustment

   or PSYC 465 - Industrial Psychology

   or PSYC 466 - Introduction to Organizational Psychology

3 hrs
PSYC 415 - Research Design and Statistics II 3 hrs
PSYC 418 - Abnormal Psychology 3 hrs
Total Psychology Requirements 42 hrs


Electives 32 hrs
Total Electives 32 hrs

Program Summary

General Education Requirements (GER) 46 hrs
Psychology Requirements 42 hrs
Additional Electives 32 hrs
Total Program Coursework 120 hrs



Please note that this page is supplied for informational purposes only. Due to curriculum changes over time, the information supplied here may not match your actual curriculum. Please consult your University catalog and official plan of study for information on your actual curriculum. For any questions related to your curriculum or plan of study, please contact your academic advisor.