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College of Education Newsletter, 2015 Volume 1

COE is the place to be!

Associate Dean, Dr. Dawn BasingerGreat things are happening in the College of Education at Louisiana Tech University! We are so excited about sharing the good news with our alumni, friends, faculty, staff, current students and future Bulldogs. We have exciting changes taking place including recent streamlining of efforts that has resulted in the development in the Office of Academic Affairs which serves both graduate and undergraduate COE students. This change has led to another great development with a Louisiana Tech University COE Alum, Dawn Basinger, recently being named Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Dr. Basinger's left willingness to provide leadership to the new unit and advance the college is much appreciated. She is pictured to the left. We are thrilled she has agreed to serve in this capacity and help support our students and faculty. In addition to the establishment of the office related to Academic Affairs, there has also been the establishment of the Office of Outreach and External Funding. The purpose of this division will be  1.) to recruit, retain, and remain connected to effective educators, stellar students, and other stakeholders 2.) provide  support to faculty, staff, students, and partners pursing external funding to support and conduct high quality educational efforts, and 3.) highlight successful efforts in scholarship, research and service by COE. We are hopeful that that with these two new visions we can better serve those within our COE and showcase the great work that is being done!

Lindsey Keith-Vincent,

Director of the Office of Outreach and External Funding, Science and Technology Education Center (SciTEC), and the Office of Professional Education Outreach

Stellar Students

Kinesiology and Agricultural Sciences Students Demonstrate Quality Collaborative Skills to Beautify Tech Campus

On Friday, October 2, 2015 the Department of Kinesiology hosted a Plant & Trim Memorial Gym workday. Kinesiology volunteers  partnered with La Tech Green house staff and Greenscape studentsto plant a beautiful new plant/flower bed in front of the Scotty Robertson Memorial Gym building. Kinesiology sponsors two student organizations, ESPE - Exercise Sciences and Physical Education, and, PEK - the Phi Epsilon  Kappa Honor Fraternity Eta Eta. Members of these two student        organizations partnered for this event with the Agricultural Sciences student        organization, Greenscape, Plants were provided by Jacob Reichley and his Greenhouse staff  located on the south campus. This collaborative effort made for a fun filled day and provided a much needed "haircut" to the overgrown shrubs around the        building. Dean Schillinger (College of Education) noted, "the interdisciplinary nature of this unique collaboration has led to the beautification of our campus and a new partnership that may lead to other worthwhile initiatives. It brings me great joy to see students and faculty working together, engaged in transformative and exciting activities that enhance the culture and environment of our University." The new bed will be maintained by the studentorganizations. We hope this effort will serve as another reminder of the collaborative nature and Tech Spirit students continue to exemplify through volunteerism. All the co-laborers enjoyed music, pizza, and a  great time. Many students walking through the area on their way to classes stopped to say "Thank you" to the volunteers.

Bulldogs from Birth: Five Generations of the Brooks-Crowder-Frizzell Louisiana Tech University Students

A recent story written by Amanda Cauley is titled, Born to be a Bulldog. Ms. Kellie Frizzell certainly was born to be a Bulldog as a fifth generation Louisiana Tech University graduate and a recent enrollee in the Masters of Arts in Teaching program in the College of Education! Ms. Frizzell and her sister Lauren Frizzell graduanullted in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  Lauren finished her Associate's of Nursing Degree, and Kellie received a Bachelor's Degree in General Studies with a Minor in Family and Child Studies from the College of Applied and Natural Sciences. Their mother, Rita Frizzell and Aunt Debra Green were are COE graduates, both serving as teachers in Louisiana. Their father, Larry Frizzell,received a Bachelors and  Masters degree in Geosciences from Louisiana Tech. Their grandparents, James and Rita Crowder, and Kellie's great aunt, Harriet Crowder, graduated in the 1950's. The girls' grandmother graduated in Physical Education, their grandfather in Liberal Arts, and their Great Aunt in Music. Ms. Frizzell's great grandmother, Frances Brooks, was also a Louisiana Tech Graduate finishing in Music in 1924.She was preceded by Ms. Frizzell's great, great grandparents, James Brooks, a graduate in Electrical Engineering and Hattie Bell, a graduate of Home Economics. We in the College of Education are very proud to welcome Ms. Frizzell back to work on her Masters degree and to continue the Louisiana Tech legacy that her family began over 100 years ago. We are grateful that her family is part of our College of Education and Louisiana Tech University family! 






Tech's Tim Butler Served Our Country and Now Serves Shreveport Students

Mr. Tim Butler is a veteran of  Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.  After braving multiple tours in the US Navy, he is now leading and serving on a new front, inspiring students to learn more about the history of America and the wars and decisions that have shaped this nation.  Following his service, Butler returned home to care for his ailing father. Once home, he made the decision to utilize support from the GI bill to finish his degree through Louisiana Tech University's College of Education (COE) in secondary education. He currently serves at Woodlawn High School in Shreveport, LA.  We are proud of Mr. Butler's service to our nation and to his community, and are honored that he has chosen to pursue his Master's in Education through one our many teacher education programs at the College of Education.  Recent coverage by KTBS of Tim and his accomplishments can be viewed by clicking the link below.





Phenomenal Faculty

Pierce to represent STEM interests at NSF sponsored program

Dr. Latoya Pierce, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, will represent Louisiana Tech University at a national LiY Workshop in Seattle, WA.  LiY stands for Lead-it-Yourself and is an NSF sponsored program developed by the University of Washington's ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change.  This workshop is designed to help individuals and institutions who currently plan, or want to plan, organize, and run faculty workshops and have an interest in STEM faculty diversity and inclusion.  Dr. Pierce was selected from numerous applicants and will attend the LiY workshop on October 25, 2015.
For the past year, Dr. Pierce has served as a steering committee member for the ADVANCEing Faculty Lunch Series, a part of the ADVANCEing Faculty Program in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University.  The ADVANCEing Faculty Lunch Series committee consists of an interdisciplinary faculty group and Dr. Pierce was selected to represent the College of Education.  The function of this committee is to provide faculty members with an opportunity to network as well as a professional development lecture series including topics such as tenure, research, funding opportunities, service, and leadership.  From this endeavor, Dr. Pierce was encouraged to apply for the LiY workshop.  The acceptance of her application and workshop attendance will afford her the opportunity to disseminate information and resources to faculty and administrators at Louisiana Tech University.  ​

Dean Schillinger Named Vantage's 2015 Visionary Educator

Dr. Don Schillinger, Dean of Louisiana Tech's College of Education and the Chase Bank Endowed Associate Professor, was recognized as the Vantage Health Plan Visionary Educator during the University's home football game against the FIU Panthers. Dean Schillinger was recognized on the field by Vantage and recieved a token of appreciation for the work he has done and continues to do for the University.
This recognition is reserved for outstanding educational leaders working to build LA Tech's reputation of being a leader in quality programming and projects for University students.
While Dean Schillinger has received over 6 million dollars in grant funding during his career, his most recent award for 1.45 million from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Math Science Initiative to replicate an innovative system to graduate highly qualified STEM educators. The exciting new program, UTeachTech, will revolutionize secondary STEM educator preparation at Louisiana Tech University and in the region.
In addition to his many personal contributions to the University, Dean Schillinger also has three talented daughters who have graduated or currently are attending Louisiana Tech University and are also part of the Tech family!






Awesome Alumni

Louisiana Tech COE Alum Wins Milken Prize!

Mr. John Lary, History Educator at Byrd, recieved a check for $25000.00 this week after being named a Milken Award recipent. To learn more about the award and Mr. Lary, check out the article in the Shreveport Times! The picture was also taken by staff at The Shreveport Times and ran with the article in the publication on Tuesday of this week.
Kinesiology Alum Receives a Fellowship at Auburn University for her Research Focused on Breast Cancer Survivors
Ms. Brandi DeCoux, LATECH COE Kinesology alum and Auburn doctoral student, has recently received the Auburn University Research Initiative in Cancer (AURIC) fellowship. As noted in the article about DeCoux's study on the Auburn webpage, her " project is the first known biomechanical study to investigate the  relationship between lower extremity pain and movement using gait  analysis in this population." Ms. DeCoux graduated from Louisiana Tech University with her Masters degree and is originally from New Iberia, Louisiana. In addition to her excellent academic work while at Louisiana Tech, she also engaged in a large amount of service in the PK-12 arena in Ruston and the surrounding communities. We are proud of Brandi and the excellent research she is doing at Auburn!  To learn more about her research, check out the link below:

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