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Scholarship List

This page lists scholarships that are available for students in the College of Education. For more information on how to apply for scholarships within the College of Education, please visit our Scholarship Application page.

Alex Laney Endowment

Ann Marilyn Melton Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bessie Purdy Scholarship

Betty Edwards Owens Endowed Scholarship

Causey-Tanner Scholarship

College of Education General Scholarships

Erma Flesher Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Morris Odom Endowed Scholarship

Emmons, Morelle and Trissielee Endowed Scholarship

Estelle Harris Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn Swihart Endowed Scholarship

F. Elizabeth Bethea Endowment

George Madden Lomax Scholarship

Gertie M. H. & Eldrice H. Green

Gladden Butler Graduate Scholarship

James and Janis Pierce Endowed Scholarship

John Cawthon Scholarship

Knotts Memorial Scholarship

Lanette Southall Fisher Memorial Scholarship

Louise Ewing Memorial Scholarship

Lu Iman Allen and Ann McCraw Stokes Scholarship in Education

Lucille Pierce Folk Endowed Scholarship

Mary Ann Smalling Scholarship (Kalil Scholarship)

Mary Ross Higginbotham Scholarship

Mary Wilson Scholarship

Miriam Davis Hogan Endowment

Pipes Memorial Scholarship

Ruston Sunrise Kiwanis Scholarships

Thomas Gaston and Hessie Gaston Watson Endowed Scholarship

Wilbur Bergeron Memorial Scholarship