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Taskstream Academy

Taskstream Academy


TaskStream is a web-based electronic portfolio and assessment system that enables the creation of lesson and unit plans, rubrics, web pages and web folios. It allows for the web-based submission and evaluation of course assignments, especially those of a signature nature. We have provided some useful tools and guides for you to become informed in the effective use of this powerful learning and assessment tool. Please take advantage of all the tools available in TaskStream as well as the helpful guides provided in this web site.



Go to  http://www.taskstream.com/pub/Enroll/Default.asp
1. Create a new TaskStream subscription
2. Click the "Continue" button under Option 1
3. Follow the remaining directions - have your credit card ready
Subscription rates are available at 

TaskStream enables its clients to edit their email preferences so they can receive notifications of TaskStream emails through their preferred email account/address. All TaskStream subscribers are strongly encouraged to complete this process. The directions are as follows:
1. From your TaskStream home page click on the Communications tab at the top of the page.
2. Click on the Go to Message Center link in the Message Center section of the page (upper left)
3. Click on the Preferences tab located at the upper right of the page
4. Select the Yes, send me notification radio button
5. Enter the email address where you prefer to receive notification of TaskStream emails.
NOTE: this function may already be set to your preferred email address. If so, no change is necessary.


Taskstream provides many opportunities for learning about how to use its various functions. The schedule of training sessions provided by Taskstream are LISTED in the Help section of Taskstream. You can access the registration page for the Help sessions by going to the Taskstream main page  at https://www.taskstream.com/pub/ then Login and click the Help link   .

For more assistance in how to use TaskStream, click the Instructional Guides link in the navigation menu (left)