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Welcome to the Louisiana Tech College of Education

The College of Education features nationally recognized programs in teacher preparation, kinesiology, and psychology. It is the largest college at Louisiana Tech, and graduates of the College make a positive impact in schools, companies, and organizations throughout the world.

Academic Programs

Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership

The mission of the College traces back to the origins of Louisiana Tech in 1894, where the preparation of teachers was a mission of the institution.


The Department of Kinesiology prepares students to promote health and wellness in their careers and lifestyles. The department’s multidisciplinary approach includes exercise science, health education, and professional practice.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences features a nationally ranked doctoral program as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and master’s degrees in counseling, human services, and industrial and organizational psychology.

Academic Programs

Student feature

Caitlin Randle

Senior – Counseling Psychology

Faculty feature

Dr. Jeff Walczyk

Mary Robbin Dorsett Endowed Professor – Psychology

Alumni feature

Dr. Cole Napper

BA, Psychology, ’09 – people analytics and workforce management, Texas Instruments

 Future Students

Ready to join the College of Education? If you are looking for a degree in education, kinesiology, or psychology, we have a degree program for you.


The future is bright in the College of Education. In a time where most universities are slashing programs and enrollment is falling, Louisiana Tech is growing and the College of Education is growing along with it.

Latest News

First UTeachTech Scholarship to honor Patricia Brown Cochran

“She gave life and soul to her students, no matter what kind of student they were or what their background was.”  These words were spoken by colleague Kellye Ratcliff at Patricia Cochran’s retirement reception in May 2016.  Before joining the...

Dr. Jeff Walczyk

Dr. Jeff Walczyk, who holds the Mary Robbin Dorsett Endowed Professorship in Education, has a passion for psychology and the opportunities to teach future psychologists how to grow in their practice, understand the human brain, and find ways...

Caitlin Randle

Everyone dreams of a better world where people’s struggles do not define their direction and identity. But what if helping one person sparks the change of future generations? Caitlin Randle, a senior Counseling Psychology major, plans to do...

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