Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at Louisiana Tech University provides students with a background in both theoretical and applied psychology. Most faculty research interests fall within the following categories:

  • Cognitive
  • Industrial/Organizational
  • Clinical/Counseling Techniques and Outcomes
  • Personality
  • Career Issues
  • Women’s Issues

The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences offers degree programs at all levels. In addition to the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, the department offers master’s degrees in counseling and guidance and industrial-organizational psychology, and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology and industrial-organizational psychology.

The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences embraces Louisiana Tech University’s position that promoting and supporting diversity among the student body is central to the academic mission of the University. A diverse student body enriches education by providing a multiplicity of views and perspectives that enhance research, teaching, and the development of ideas. A diverse mix of students promotes respect for, and opportunities to learn from, others with the broad range of backgrounds and experiences that constitute an effective learning environment. The training of the next generation of leaders of academia and society in general should be accessible to all members of society. We are therefore committed to providing equal access to educational opportunities through recruitment, admission, and support programs that promote diversity, foster successful academic experiences, and cultivate the leaders of the next generation.