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Thank you for your interest in engaging with the College of Education and Human Sciences. Volunteers like you have the potential to play an incredibly important role in the College and in the lives of our students. We appreciate the support you provide to us in this way, and hope your experience with the College of Education and Human Sciences is a rewarding one.

Where do you see yourself in the College of Education and Human Sciences community?

Please share your key areas of interest, expertise, and availability so we can help you engage with us in a manner that excites you.

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Avenues of Engagement

There are several ways we would love to see you involved in the College of Education and Human Sciences, from spending time in our classrooms or mentoring students to furthering our mission through leadership by serving on a Board or taskforce. Below are a few ideas and we would welcome your participation in one or more avenues of engagement!

Serve as a Guest Lecturer

Our students are hungry to hear from trusted professionals about their experiences in the real world, industry insights and success stories.  If you have a story to share, let us help you share it.

Be a Mentor

Change a student’s life by giving them the one-on-one attention that will set them apart from the others.  A great way to network with these students is by attending alumni events and other engagement opportunities.

Serve on a Board

Our Dean and leadership welcome the involvement of executive partners and alumni to help guide development and advancement of the College across all areas, including a particular focus area A.E. Phillips Laboratory School.  Outside of formal board service commitments, taskforces and special project assistance is also an option.  These are great opportunities for those passionate about furthering our mission and expanding their networks.

Other Ways to Engage

  • Host class/group visits at your organization
  • Judge student competitions
  • Provide job/internship opportunities
  • Provide job shadow/extern opportunities
  • Support faculty research/teaching through partnerships with your organization
  • Recruiting prospective students/job placement
  • Host an alumni event/gathering in your city or provide financial support towards local activities.
  • Provide financial support for the College of Education and Human Sciences