About the College of Education and Human Sciences

The College of Education and Human Sciences at Louisiana Tech University is one of the five colleges comprising Louisiana Tech University. The mission of the College traces back to the origins of Louisiana Tech in 1894, where the preparation of teachers was a mission of the institution. The College of Education and Human Sciences features nationally recognized faculty and undergraduate and graduate programs in kinesiology, psychology, and teacher and leader preparation. 

Our Vision: to be recognized as an inclusive learning community renowned for fostering competent, ethical, and caring professionals who contribute significantly to a diverse and dynamic world through research, development, and application. 

Our Mission: to provide high-quality educational experiences for students across the lifespan, to enhance and extend knowledge bases through research and other scholarly activities, and to serve the community through collaborative endeavors.



Since the founding of Louisiana Tech in 1894, the education of teachers has been a primary aim of the institution. The Laboratory School, A.E. Phillips School, was created by the Legislature in 1916. On November 12, 1925, the State Board of Education approved teacher education curricula, and on March 15, 1926, the State Board recognized the reorganization of these curricula. The State Board recognized a Department of Education in 1933, and in April of the following year, authorization was granted for the organization of a separate school. In July 1970, the School was elevated to the level of a College of Education and Human Sciences.

In 1948, physical education was transferred from the School of Arts and Sciences to the School of Education as a department. In 1955, the offerings in education were divided, forming Departments of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Department of Special Education. In 1965 the organization was expanded to include a Department of Psychology and Guidance, and in 1970 the Division of Research and Publications was established. In July, 1972, the State Board approved a reorganization of the College which created a Division of Research and Service and a Division of Curriculum and Instruction. In the Division of Curriculum and Instruction, three areas of instruction were created; teacher education which included all elementary and secondary programs, psychology and counseling, and health and physical education which included programs for men and women.

In July, 1975, the instructional program in special education was moved from Teacher Education to the area of Counseling and Psychology and the name of the area was changed to Behavioral Sciences.

In January 1994 a new organization plan was approved and the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership replaced the former Teacher Education area.

By actions of the State Board of Education on December 17, 1957, January 31, 1958, April 3, 1958, April 18, 1961, July 29, 1968, and February 19, 1974, authorization was given to grant the Master of Arts degree in Art Education, Elementary Education, English Education, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Music Education, Social Studies Education, Special Education, and Vocational Guidance, and the Master of Science degree in Biology Education, Business Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education, and Health and Physical Education. In April, 1967, the State Board of Education granted approval to offer the Specialist Degree, and on November 1, 1968, authority was granted to offer extension or off-campus courses. In 1994, authority was granted to offer the Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and the Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership.

Notable Alumni

  • Leon Barmore, former head coach of the Lady Techsters
  • Randy Moffett, former President of the University of Louisiana System
  • Scotty Robertson, former NBAcoach of the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, and New Orleans Jazz
  • Wayne Watson, Dove Award-winning Christian recording artist