Faculty and Staff

The College of Education and Human Sciences features outstanding, distinguished faculty, each with extensive expertise and experience in various content disciplines. All of the college’s faculty are committed not only to increasing human knowledge through their own research, but through the preparation and mentoring of students. Students and potential students are encouraged to find faculty with similar academic interests. Use the Faculty Directory to learn more about each of our faculty.

Professorships and Distinguished Faculty

  • Chase Bank Endowed Professorship in Education
    Donald Schillinger, Curriculum, Instruction, & Leadership
  • Chester Ellis Endowed Professorship in Education
    Mitzi Desselles, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
  • College of Education Endowed Professorship
    Tilman Sheets, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
  • Elva Leggett Smith Endowed Professorship in Education
    Walter Buboltz, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
  • Eva Cunningham Professorship in Education
    David Szymanski, Kinesiology
  • George & Jean Baldwin Endowed Professorship in Education
    Donna Thomas, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
  • Gerald & Shirley Cobb Endowed Professorship in Education
    Carrice Cummins, Curriculum, Instruction, & Leadership
  • Herbert H. McElveen Professorship in Education
    Dawn Basinger, Curriculum, Instruction, & Leadership
  • Hubberd H. & Velma Horton Boucher Professorship in Education
    Kimberly Kimbell-Lopez, Curriculum, Instruction, & Leadership
  • James R. Mays Endowed Professorship in Education
    Amy Vessel, Curriculum, Instruction, & Leadership
  • Mary Robin Dorsett Endowed Professorship in Education
    Jeffrey Walczyk, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
  • Melvin McCann Professorship in Education
    Jordan Blazo, Kinesiology
  • Morelle Emmons Professorship in Education
    Frank Igou, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
  • Roger Thomas Luffey Endowed Professorship in Education
    Dr. Mary Margaret Livingston, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences


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