Dear Alumni and Friends of the College of Education,

As a supporter of the College of Education at Louisiana Tech University, we want you to know how much we appreciate sharing our success and growth with you through updates on exciting new initiatives and progress that advances the College regionally and nationally.  There are many reasons to be proud of the achievements of the College, and with your support, we continue to grow offerings, enhance our facilities, increase the support for our students, develop a strong network of alumni and friends, and make positive impacts in the communities we serve.

We are motivated by the bold vision of Louisiana Tech’s future, and our faculty and staff work to ensure student success each day.  For the College of Education, an unparalleled educational experience means we are able to connect students with one of the many nationally ranked programs, come alongside them during their years at Tech, and help them achieve their dream careers in their chosen workplace and beyond.  The education you received in the College of Education provided an important foundation for you to embark on your professional journey and to become the well-rounded person and well-equipped professional you are today.  We ask that you consider the positive impact this had on your life, and the opportunities you received as a result, and help us provide that for our current and future students.  Thank you for being a loyal member of the College of Education family. Please visit us at any time – you are always welcome home.

Ever loyal,
Don Schillinger
Dean of the College of Education


Dr. Don Schillinger
Dean of the College of Education and Chase Bank Endowed Professor of Education

Rosilynn Gillum
Director of Development