TEAM Model headlines national conference on co-teaching

Dr. Dawn Basinger, associate professor in the College of Education, and Dr. Amy Vessel, director of the Clinical Residency and Recruitment Center served as keynote speakers at the National Conference on Co-Teaching Oct. 24.

Basinger and Vessel are the co-authors of the TEAM (Teacher Educators and Mentors) Model and have implemented co-teaching research since 2015. Their presentation was titled, “Establishing A Co-Teaching Model in a Full-Year Clinical Residency and Beyond.” In addition to the keynote, Basinger and Vessel participated in speaking panels throughout the conference.

“It is an honor to be recognized by such highly respected colleagues, and we look forward to sharing the vision of Louisiana Tech’s clinical residency program on a national level,” Vessel said.

“This is the best national conference and the only conference that focuses on Co-Teaching. It was an honor to be the keynote speaker along with Dr. Vessel,” Basinger said.

Dr. Teresa Heck of St. Cloud State University, best known for the establishment of a co-teaching model for student teaching, started the conference in 2016.