College of Education to host Power of Data workshop

Area educators will have the opportunity to enhance their classroom teaching with the application of geospatial inquiry – mapping data that helps answer a scientific question – during the third annual Power of Data (POD) workshop July 15 -19 at the Louisiana Tech University College of Education.

UTeachTech Master Teacher Chris  Campbell will lead the professional-development workshop designed to empower secondary teachers with updated practices for teaching science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. The Power of Data (POD) Project increases content knowledge through geospatial inquiry, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity,and promotes student awareness of careers in geospatial technologies.

Geospatial inquiry (GI) is the process of discovery through the analysis and communication of data that is linked to a geographic location on, above, or near Earth. Through the use of online mapping technologies and geospatial inquiry, teachers enhance students learning of disciplinary core ideas by incorporating hands-on experience that supports existing learning activities like research, fieldwork, and laboratory investigations.

Many of the critical issues today in the environment, economy, and security depend on an understanding of geospatial relationships. By asking important questions and using tools designed to display spatial data, teachers can help build students’ awareness of how location can impact the scientific method.

“This Power of Data workshop is the only geospatial inquiry personal development program using ArcGIS (a tool that displays spatial data) offered in the state,” Campbell said. “Teachers will leave with the ability and confidence to integrate geospatial inquiry into their existing lessons and to promote student awareness of careers in geospatial technologies. Participants will also be connected with other teachers throughout the country in the Power of Data network.”

Participants will receive a $750 stipend for their participation in the program and the subsequent implementation of the lesson during the school year.

If you are a high school teacher interested in this personal development opportunity, sign up at  or contact Campbell at