Photo of Dr. Jacob Gran

Dr. Jacob Gran

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition

Department: School of Music

Phone: 318.257.2063

Fax: 318.257.4571

Email: jgran@latech.edu

Office: HC 226

Dr. Jacob Gran is a music theorist who did his schooling at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota (BA 2012) and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (MM 2014; PhD 2019) where he wrote his dissertation on chromaticism in the piano music of Johannes Brahms. His research interests include the history of theory, historical composition pedagogy, and the music of the long 19th century. He has presented his research at regional and international conferences, and his peer-reviewed research has been published in Indiana Theory Review (“Ornamental and Motivic Integration in Chopin’s op. 9 Nocturnes” 2017) and Music Theory Online (“A General Method for Composing a Canon against a Cantus Firmus using Sergei Taneev’s Double-Shifting Counterpoint,” forthcoming, 2024). He also runs a YouTube channel where he teaches counterpoint and music composition to a public audience.