Photo of Dr. Yuri Lvov

Dr. Yuri Lvov


Departments: Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Sciences, Chemistry, Institute for Micromanufacturing, Molecular Science and Nanotechnology, Nanosystems Engineering, Physics

Phone: 318-257-5144

Fax: 318-257-3823

Email: ylvov@latech.edu

Office: IFMM 214

Address: 911 Hergot Ave

Ruston, LA 71272


The Nanoassembly Laboratory
Dr. Lvov’s laboratory focus is on developing nanotechnology including nanoassembly of ultrathin organized films, bio/nanocomposites, nano/construction of ordered shells on tiny templates (drug nanocapsules, shells on microbes and viruses), clay nanotubes for controlled release of bioactive agents. Yuri Lvov was among the pioneers of the polyelectrolyte layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly, a nanotechnology method which, after the first papers in 1993, was followed by many thousands of publications by researchers from all over the world. LbL nanoassembly has already been used in industrial applications for eye lens modification, improvement of cellulose fiber for better fabric and paper, microcapsules for insulin sustained release, cancer drug nanocapsules, and others. The basic principle of our research is nanoarchitectonic, and we develop: 1) nanoassembly approach in biomimetic engineering; 2) smart nanocontainers, nanocapsules and nanotubes for drug targeted and controlled delivery; stem cell and microbe encapsulation; 3) integrated nano/micro/macro-organized tissue scaffolds (in collaboration with Mark DeCoster and David Mills).