In order to execute meaningful, large-scale, and impactful programs and projects in our College of Education, we must engage a wide variety of individuals and organizations invested in providing support, talent, and resources to ensure that the work being done today results in a better tomorrow for all stakeholders. Partnerships in our College of Education include corporate, community, governmental, educational, non-profit, and private partnerships.

Relationships with entities including CenturyLink, Celero, the National Math Science Initiative,  local school districts, Deans for Impact, pier educational institutions, NASA, the Louisiana Board of Regents, the Cyber Innovation Center, and many more. Learn more about some of our partners, what our relationships look like, and how you can engage with our College of Education.

Since 2009, Louisiana Tech has been instrumental in providing job embedded quality professional development opportunities for Livingston Parish Public School teachers, administrators, and counselors.

Periodically, educators need a jumpstart to inspire ideas and spark innovation in learning. Being immersed in convenient and affordable professional development is often the key to success. If educators do not know what “something different” looks like, how can they possibly be expected to enact change to that effect? Seeking new experiences not only enrich ourselves as people, but provide a wealth of experiences to draw upon when it’s time for something different.

The COE partnership with Louisiana Tech University has provided courses with a strong focus on equipping teachers with usable instructional and assessment strategies that are easy to implement. Educators who complete these courses are creating innovative schools for digital-age students. 


Jody Purvis

Supervisor, Livingston Parish School Board

Expanding the reach of STEM and its scope is always a goal of Augusta RC Academy (ARC). This past summer we had the opportunity to work with SciTEC at Louisiana Tech University to share remote controlled aviation with Louisiana youth in areas not typically served with STEM resources. From aviation theory to flight simulation to actual drone flights, the experience was as rewarding for us as it was for the students. The event allowed us to learn as much from the students and presenters as we shared with them. We are excited about working together in the future and look forward to expanding the reach of STEM in aviation in Louisiana!

Vern HD Horne

Augusta RC Academy

NASA SSC and Louisiana Tech are joining together in order to provide expertise and facilities for helping educators at all levels access and utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) instructional materials aligned with national standards and State frameworks and based on NASA’s unique mission and results. An Educator Resource Center (ERC) owned and operated by Louisiana Tech, will demonstrate and facilitate the use of educational technologies; provide in-service and pre-service training utilizing NASA curriculum materials, and will partner with local, State and regional educational organizations to become part of the systemic initiatives in the State. Louisiana Tech, through the ERC, will disseminate information from NASA within Louisiana.

Dr. Mitch Krell

University Affairs Officer, NASA Stennis Space Center

The Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC), the academic division of the CIC, headquartered in Bossier City, Louisiana, have been partnering with Louisiana Tech University since 2008. At that time, the partnership included the sharing of faculty and ideas that lead to the development of a Physics curriculum and summer camp for high school students focused on cyber engineering. Fast forward ten years and the partnership has evolved into a curriculum development engine that supports the learning of cyber engineering, computer science, cyber security, and cryptology, from K-12, across the country.

Through the College of Education, the CIC is able to pilot new content with future teachers and use that valuable feedback to help shape future course offerings. The content provided by the CIC and NICERC is all project-based and designed to reach all skill levels and abilities. As a result of this partnership, the teacher workforce that is coming out of the college is able to make immediate use of some of the latest tools and content that is available to reach this newest generation of diverse learners and learning styles. Through the College of Education, NICERC content has also been made available for teacher training in an online, asynchronous environment that can be used to apply for masters-level degree credit.

Three projects that are currently in development through this partnership with CIC and Louisiana Tech include new middle school content in the area of computational thinking, new high school math content in the area of cryptology, and elective content in the area of critical thinking that will aim to have students working in small teams to solve modern-day analysis problems that plague organizations like the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.

Chuck Gardner

Director of Curriculum, Cyber Innovation Center

Find out more about our Cyber Education Certificate – offered in partnership with NICERC.