Research Centers and Laboratories

A.E. Phillips Laboratory School

A.E. Phillips has served as the laboratory school for Louisiana Tech University since 1916.

AROS Consulting

Applied Research for Organizational Solutions (AROS) is the consulting arm of the Department of Psychology’s Industrial and Organizational Psychology doctoral program. Founded in 2010, the AROS program is intended to provide students with experience in applied industrial and organizational psychology outside of the traditional classroom environment.

Office of Professional Outreach (OPEO)

Established in 2009, OPEO facilitates professional development coursework for education professionals throughout Louisiana and the region. OPEO manages the College of Education and Human Sciences’ extension and outreach activity of providing credit-bearing coursework for those working in the professions served by the various departments within the College and facilitates the growth of extension and outreach activities of the College through promotion of current offerings and development of new offerings.

Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness (PDRIB)

Founded in 1996 with the help of an experimental/innovative grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the Institute on Blindness was established to create the first non-discriminatory program in equipping people interested in teaching cane travel and braille to blind students. Today, it is a leading research institute on issues in education for low-vision students and orientation and mobility.

Psychological Services Clinic

The Psychological Services Clinic (PSC) is a training facility for the Counseling Psychology Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in Louisiana Tech University’s College of Education and Human Sciences.

Science & Technology Education Center (SciTEC)

The Science and Technology Education Center at Louisiana Tech University is an active outreach program of the College of Education and Human Sciences organized to serve the surrounding school systems and communities. SciTEC was originally conceived to meet the many challenges facing Louisiana schools in the new environment of accountability and as a shift in accepted pedagogy requiring the development of higher-order thinking skills in students and the incorporation of real-world experiences and hands-on learning activities that have caused classroom teachers to re-evaluate their teaching practices. In addition, SciTEC strives to address the acute shortage of teachers in the critical areas of math and science, the high percentage of uncertified teachers in Louisiana classrooms, and the low number of economically disadvantaged and minority students who enter post-secondary education programs.

Louisiana NASA Educator Resource Center

In 1999, Louisiana Tech University was selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as the host institution for Louisiana’s only NASA Educator Resource Center. Educator Resource Centers are established by NASA to disseminate and assist educators in utilizing NASA-developed educational resources.

Human Performance Laboratories

The Human Performance Laboratories (HPL) are a collection of interdisciplinary research and teaching spaces within the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University. Serving as an interdisciplinary research space, combining motor control, exercise physiology, and biomechanics, the HPL offers students and faculty alike the facilities necessary to examine topics related to sport and movement science. A central component of the HPL, the Sport and Movement Science Laboratory (SMSL), is an interdisciplinary instructional and research center of the Department of Kinesiology that is primarily concerned with research combining motor control, exercise physiology, and biomechanics.

Clinical Residency Research Center

Housed in the Louisiana Tech University College of Education and Human Sciences, the Clinical Residency Center (CRC) is responsible for developing and refining capstone experiences provided to clinical residents at Louisiana Tech. Central in this is effort is the TEAM model, developed by Dr. Amy Vessel and Dr. Dawn Basinger. The TEAM model is an innovative approach to teacher preparation that replaces the traditional, single-term of student teaching with a full-year clinical residency in local schools. This model leverages the experiences of university instructors and local school personnel to provide comprehensive training.