Strategic Plan


The mission of the College of Education and Human Sciences is three-fold:

  • To provide high quality educational experiences for current and prospective professionals from baccalaureate through doctoral levels.
  • To enhance and extend the knowledge bases under-girding professional programs through research and other scholarly activities.
  • To deliver professional services to the various businesses, civic, and educational communities through collaborative endeavors.


The College of Education and Human Sciences affirms and supports the goals and initiatives of the Tech 2020 vision. To that end, the College has performed a comprehensive self-analysis, and has developed self-imposed goals intended to make the College of Education and Human Sciences a leading institution in teacher education and preparation, kinesiology and sport sciences, and in psychology and behavioral sciences. These goals lie in five domains:

Organizational Identity

The College of Education and Human Sciences is committed to be a leader in education; a catalyst for learning, research, and action. Therefore, it is critical that there be a clear understanding of the College’s role in the broader environment of our region, our state, our nation, and our world. We must dedicate ourselves to effective collaboration with professionals and other partners to further educational goals by maintaining existing partnerships and by developing new ones.

Academic Quality

The College of Education and Human Sciences, understanding the importance of the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills, and dispositions continues to be a necessity, is dedicated to placing great emphasis on the selection, retention, and development of students, faculty, and staff for the purposes of providing students with a world-class academic environment.

Faculty Recruitment and Development

The College of Education and Human Sciences recognizes that its strength lies in the people who comprise it. Because of the fundamental importance of people, the College strives to recruit and develop faculty who share a commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service to the College, the University, and the community.


The College of Education and Human Sciences understands that academic programs require proper resources, and that program growth and improvement can only occur when funding is sufficient and resources are appropriately allocated.


The College of Education and Human Sciences realizes that the demographic composition of north Louisiana is continually changing. The College is committed to facilitating inclusivity within the College and the University, as well as throughout public schools and the community. The College is resolved to be a leader in creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all individuals who seek education irrespective of their social, ethnic, or membership of various cultural groups.